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Introduction from Cheshire

Hi, my name is Dave King, based out of Audlem in South Cheshire. I am relatively new to this and am really passionate about spraying in particular. Own a Wagner Airless and just bought a Fuji Mini mite 4 Platinum. Looking to go from DIY to offering spraying as a service. Background is in sales and sales leadership, but decided that was all too much following a heart attack in January 2016.

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Hi Dave, welcome. All the best in your new venture, hope it isn’t too stressful!

Obviously decorating comes down to preparing and applying paint to a multitude of surfaces, so you have your work cut out getting on top of a trade with almost endless variables, but obviously it can be done. Bug the manufacturers of your spray equipment for every drop of info they can share with you. Mainly come to terms with what paints you can spray effectively with your kit.

On the other hand you are streets ahead of the mainstream game in terms of business with your sales background. I was just chatting to a colleague about customer service and the lack of training for the “business side” of decorating.

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Thanks Andy. Been using Teknos through my airless sprayer and about to try out some Tikkurila through the hvlp. Every day is a learning curve.

@rontaylor has a good article here on choice of spray kit


Hi Dave :smiley:

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Hi Dave look forward to reading your posts,jack pauhl has an excellent guide you can purchase on his site for spraying.

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