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Is stabalising solution breathable

Brewers has said you should not use stabilising solution because it is not breathable is this true cheers again guys

Hi Chris I would say they’r right as it binds & sesls. I now use Owatrols EB mixed into first coat, I think its brilliant it saves an extra coat. Add a drop to water based primer uc.for extra adhesion.hope this helps .Ally

Hi Chris

It all depends on which solution and system you are going to use. Silicate based clear coats used as stabilisers are highly vapour open eg: the fixativ’s used with the Keim systems have sd values of around 0.02.

Hi thanks I wanted to use the johnstones exterior system. Why are all the common brands still selling stabalising solution if it’s no good for the substrate
I have seen that touprets wall hardner is moisture vapour permeable so will use that in future.
Any other info please.:+1: