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It's Bedroom Update Time

After a minor change to the built in wardrobes I made some 40 years ago it’s time to paint over the stained finish. At the time I applied a water based stain but finished up applying an extra coat or maybe two as “it didn’t quite look right”. I’m not sure if I applied a sealing coat probably matt polyurethane or simply waxed it or both. Now that I’ve decided to brighten it up and thought that as a base coat I would use Zinsser BIN. I contacted Zinsser and they advised me to degrease before hand just in case there is some wax on there. As the surface area of the wardrobes is 16.5 sqm and the fact that I have the best part of a 5l tin of Upol slow drying automotive degreaser available do you think that the Upol would be suitable to use in this instance?
The description of Upol is:
U-Pol Slow Drying Degreaser is a solvent based, anti-static, anti-silicone panel wipe. The aggressive degreasing formula removes contaminants such as wax, grease and silicones. Suitable for use on bare metal and existing paint surfaces prior to any painting operation. Slow drying degreaser is designed for larger repairs and will not attack existing paint films.

Sounds about right. :grinning: Thanks for the pointer to Upol,which I know as a “filler company”.