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Johnstones Aqua Satin

the aqua satin is very nice to use but as others are saying washing out is near impossible

i just washout then bag them wet till following day the bursh im using are purdy monarch

I’ll be using the aqua satin for the first time on new skirting and frames, what primer goes best with this on new timber as i heard it yellows with coverstain as a primer. Also is it best to use the aqua undercoat with the satin.

When using Jono`s Aqua is is best to use the Aqua undercoat to get the best finish but wash your brush out during use :wink: The Aqua undercoat can be used as the primer over bare wood but I would use knotting solution first on any knots

For more info check the datasheet here

Nice one saves a lot of hassle

Has anyone narrowed down the best brush to use with Jonos Aqua range that cleans out well after use?

Used a Corona Merlin with Johnstones Aqua u/c on door frames, washed out fine and finish was great. Also used a la sirene sash brush for the cutting in, I think it was the blue brisle one that’s for oil and water.

Been using the Merlin brush in Johnstones u/c for two more days and its started to ruin the bristles. Changed to a Purdy Monarch and finish is even better, hope it doesn’t ruin that too.

i have used clean spirit, wash out in water first then left suspended in clean spirit over wk/end seems to work ok up to now the brushes are purdy monarch

Thanks, Thats the same advise I was given at P&D show but didn’t want to comment without trying it out.

Someone mentioned that Purdy monarchs were best suited for the Jonos aqua maybe it is the bristle difference, it is an expensive trial trying to find a brush that cleans out and keeps shape after using the aqua!

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In my local brewers the Hamilton rep told me to use the Hamilton perfection synthetic, for Johnstone’s Aqua u/c + satin. I’ve only used it on one small project so far, it was a quality product but not my favourite. I washed the brush half way through the day too (I have ocd, tools must stay brand new - clean) as I’ve read bad things about it, ruining brushes and dis-shaping the bristles!

I used clean spirits and fresh water, spun it out and it held it’s shape and the bristles remained soft and almost like new. So if anyone else is stuck for a brush, give it a try!

Have been using it over the last couple of weeks and it killed my silver tip within an hour but my purdy monarch is still going strong