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Johnstone's Trade Emulsion

Whilst searching for paint for my recent bedroom project I was told by the Johnstone’s Trade Centre in Sheffield that the flat matt I was looking is being replaced by vinyl matt. Am I misguided in thinking this is the same stuff that I put all over my kitchen years ago before joining this forum and learning the error of my ways? By the way what is the best method(s) of painting over this stuff?
I did eventually find the plain old flat matt on the internet for the bedroom.

I don’t know what Jonnos are doing these days, but there are plenty of acrylic matt emulsions that behave well. Repainting flat matt is straightforward prep and start painting.

Sorry Andy I meant repainting over the Crown vinyl silk I slathered on the kitchen walls and ceiling. Being a kitchen there are some marks which don’t scrub off (maybe from pancake tossing) and chips here and there which is the vinyl layer coming off. I’m thinking that may be sanding it all down to provide a key for some better emulsion intended for kitchens.
I’ve ordered some more Johnstone’s Cleanable Matt that I used on the hall, stairs and landing so that I can paint the dining room and lounge whilst I’m social distancing myself. It has proved to be a good investment as the Labrador has an oily coat which he rubs against the wall plus splatters that we think is his ear wax (sorry!) and these come off a treat. It may be cheaper to buy him a coat and ear defenders!

Lots of detail, usually never a bad thing, usually :grin:

A wash down with a strong eco degreaser can do most of the etching work for you prior to painting over emulsion. Just try a small area to make sure it cleans without lifting the previous coating.

Judicious filling and sanding, go.

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I like johnstons has massive colour range,nice paint to work with not to thick.But to be honest holmans mathys very good,and 1 hour recoat time.

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