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Just wanted to say Hi

Hi, my name is John and I am a supplier. I always enjoy the education I get from these forums, this is a very underrated Trade and Skill. I respect the forum rules so I will not do any shameless plugs, but continue to learn, Cheers all.

look forward to reading your posts

Hi John

you are welcome to explain what your product does and offers.

Thank you darlic, I posted quite some time ago but wanted to re-introduce myself and the product in response to your post from September regarding any other products that could help when working with ladders, you mention something that could hang from a ladder. You can do that with the Wombat Bucket, or you can simply “wear” our portable paint tray as you move around the project, carrying your paint, brush, roller etc. with you at all times. You may be familiar with it, though I would obviously be more than happy to give you all the features and benefits.

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Many thanks Andy, I have introduced the product before…a portable paint tray you can wear or hang from ladders etc…just wanted to jog some memories I guess :innocent:

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