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Kitchen paint help

Hi All
Need a paint and process spec for a kitchen paint. The existing is currently a gloss finish. I am guessing that it’s had a clear coat finish.

So my mission is to produce a white gloss finish. I can take the doors and drawer fronts away to our workshop and spray with HVLP. I can spray the rest in the clients house so not a problem.

Question is prep on the existing and paint type - oil, water or hybrid plus brand for a respray?


Hi Howzz
Get out the Krud Kutter - or similar - sand down, tack cloth and apply the water based Tikkurila which can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. Hope this is helpful

Thanks Richard

Take it, that you are thinking Otex Akva adhesion primer followed by the Helmi topcoat?

I am using quite a bit of Tikkurila, great paint.

Client is wondering whether I can clear coat the finish - any thoughts?

Ok, so noted that you are a carpenter / joiner by trade. Have you come across Morrells?

We have just built the windows for a project from idigbo - my son who is the joiner wants an acrylic poly on them. Not going to argue - to tired. Came across Morrells as the only possible candidate complete with end grain sealer. Just want to know if you or someone had any experience with the coatings.

Also noted that you were West Berks, as are we.