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Kitchen painted with Brewers Albany Oil-Based Eggshell

Has anyone had any experience of this product? (Brewers Albany Oil-Based Eggshell).


I am Russ, a homeowner DIYer, currently sanding down a maple framed kitchen ready for painting.
I have read and read loads and am confident going forward but have hit a stumbling block as I have been swayed by Albanys Oil based eggshell but can’t find any reviews on it. The tester pots are vinyl matt emulsion which doesnt really help.
So would like to open it up to the forums.

We really want F&B Railings for our kitchen but put off by all the F&B hate stories, Albany have a great match in ‘deepest blue’.
Little Greene nearest is Jet Black but is too black without the greyey/blue tones of F&b. Being dark & matt it needs to be durable and it sounds like F&B will be time consuming keeping it clean.

Going for a characterful black on lower units with brass accessories like photo attached. The other photo is of (some of) the kitchen I have purchased, we will be doing away with the wall cabinets and just having base.

Hi Russ

I believe you had some info on Holman Specialist Paints who will give you a super kitchen paint in the exact colour you require.

If you are hooked on a colour, you should choose the right paint for the job, not choose a brand paint because it happens to come in the colour you like.

All colours can be matched, it is what colorists have done for ever, but paint performance is not duplicated across different brands! You will be hard pushed to find a brand with the performance to match Tikkurila equivalents. So pick any colour you like and Holmans will match it to the equivalent in the best kitchen paints, and you can’t go far wrong.

You may find that it is the colour that highlights the marks, because to be fair F&B does wipe well, but in a “black” marks will likely show regardless of paint brand.

Yeah thanks Andy,
I’m going to go down the Tikkurila route…
My only worry is as the kitchen is 2nd hand the Tikkurilla won’t hide any imperfections like an oil based paint would. The emphasis is back on my inexperienced self to get the prep spot on.
The plus is I will save time with cleaning brushes (woo) and the finish sounds more durable.

Still curious about the Albany though… I reckon they need someone on here to trial it and atleast give it a review (if they supplied it for free of course).

On the kitchen look at Otex and Empire for an oil finish, or BIN and Feelings. Holmans can advise on both, and use fine surface filler to deal with dings!

Trialling a paint to recommend on a kitchen cabinet takes a while. It needs a lot of goes on different surfaces to say whether it is any good or where it works best. And time. First impressions with the Albany would be fine, with anything, if it needed help, it can be made to work :slight_smile: Thats why we love Owatrol. But the proof of how good a paint is, is discovered in the jobs after that initial impression, and it can be a long time if we have no reliable contacts to bounce off.

You could get a tin and do a trial :slight_smile:

Thanks, hadn’t noticed the Empire!

So after a phone call to Holmans and on their recommendation I’ve gone for Otex & Empire.

Can you recommend a good brush to lay off the Empire with?
Kit includes (rolling on with) Axus Lime rollers, purdy monarch elite, some painters pyramids & Owatrol.
Going to have a play around with it on a tester door out of the pot first before using the Owatrol to get used to it.

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