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Kiva lacquer

Doing first full job with Kiva, 30% supplied via Valtti.

Just a few thoughts for the group and a big thanks for Adam and Martin who have been a big help keeping me sane!

The kitchen is a solid maple - shaker with inset panels painted in purple.

Have found the Kiva pretty tricky to use - am I missing something here?

Kitchen stripped back to bare timber - product doesn’t like being worked at all, drying super quick and dragging (Bit like Isofix in a way. )
Valtti don’t recommend a sealer coat and Adam does use a cellulose one I can see the logic here. Tried a few things, thinning as a first sealer coat, rolled and laid off , sketchy results. High build on edges and when I tried brushing/wiping, it turned to a dry, chalky goo and tore the surface. Awful.

The white blooming which is common with these sorts of products was inconsistent, it looked horrendous especially in a customers eye line. Overlapping product on the rail and stile gave really high build and needed reworking.

Followed advice of putting it on and leaving it to flow out , yes, it does but most of the results were inconsistent.

Second and third coats were admittedly easy to go on and a nice finish was achieved but in totality, I’m not seeing the attraction.

I’m all for water based but in this instance, the workabilty of a solvent product would be most attractive.

Was using quality roller and Wooster Alfa and a Purdy Syntox, I can’t have used a finer bristle.

Look forward to reading any thoughts on this