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Knotting bleeding though old gloss

Hi folks ,got a whole house where the knotting is bleeding through ,on old gloss,its rented out so he,s just looking to freshen up but solve the problem,i am aware zinerser bin works,can the knots be pre spotted with spray can or is it best brush the whole lot.The only thing that puts me off using bin,its not,easly to apply,can it be thinned ,and not kind on brushes,is there any other
reliable stain blockers not to expensive.cheers

I would prime all with BIN by brush. If you spot prime you’re going to end up with raised areas unless you sand flat before you paint - in which case you’ll be sanding the BIN off again. I use BIN a fair but now but I don’t thin it. Thin it with meths if you need to but it’s going to be less effective as a blocker.

Best thing to do - don’t hurry it. Brush it on slowly to let it flow better. You can’t work it fast like you can with normal paints and primers. If you do that you should find it goes on better and does the job it’s meant to do.

As for brushes - I usually use an older brush that’s due for retirement and then throw it out. There are other knot blocking products about - F&B do one but I’ve never tried it. There’s actually a Ronseal knot blocking primer that I tested a couple of years ago on new skirting I fitted at home and it seems to have held the knots back ok.

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agreed, BIN needs a different application to paint - slow and deliberate, and don’t try to overwork it: lay on with one strike then back over with a second, reverse direction strike. and leave it alone! seems to work better in cold conditions too. Also worth trying a 4" short pile roller - see how you get on


I painted the whole length of a lounge wall to about two and half feet up from the bottom with BIN once to hide some mould stains. Might have been one of my first decorating jobs. Took me AGES! I ended up laying on the floor, head propped on one hand brush in the other. Worked late that night!

worked late and got high on that amount of BIN eh! roller out large surfaces - whole lot quicker!

I’ve a few lessons since then!