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Knotty Pine Kitchen

Hi Lads,

Just need some advice on Knotty pine kitchen {my kitchen}
Sand down after KK and light rub between coats

Sample Doors
Door 1
Wash down with KK
Prime knots with BIN
apply first coat of 123+
Apply second coat of 123+
Apply first coat of Acrylic LG French grey eggshell with floetrol
Apply second coat of LG eggshell floetrol

Seems OK can I improve on this

Door 2 [suggestions}

This morning been having a good look at my existing kitchen doors and there is more knots than wood LOL , but seriously there is a lot of knots , so after sanding I think I will coat whole door in BIN then try coverstain , then two coats of LG acrylic or should I go for LG oil eggshell, any views would appreciated


Hi glad you have revised the 123 option. BIN the whole lot, if you get it tinted the same colour as the topcoats that will aid with greater depth. Then carry on with a system depending on how much build you need.

eg If the surface is textured and you are looking for fair faced finish, filling is the way to go, rather than rely on paint.

Oil paint will build out slight surface imperfections better than water based.

You may have a better time of it struggling with first coat of BIN and then “enjoy” the speed and ease of use of filler and waterbased undercoat and topcoats.

Hi Andy
can you offer any tips for using BIN ; brushes to use, ways to avoid buildup on over laps and heavy brush marks.
I feel reluctant to put a decent brush into it for fear of lasting damage to the brush.

Also slightly off topic but what is the most eco friendly way to dipose of waste spirit an meths after washing out?
I have a tin in the garage full of spirit waiting to find the best way to get rid. As I understand the refuge centre will take waste paint products at a minimum charge of £35. I know spirit and meths will evaporate if left out in the sun, any thoughts?

Best tip for BIN is our mate Jason’s, put the tin on the shaker machine for a few minutes each day.

A stiff brush like the Arroworthy Red Frost to boss it around. Currently two options for keeping brush soft are Brushmate with drop of meths, or a sealed paint tin with drop of meths.

DOn’t fuss with it. You can always do a skinny coat on edges and then recoat a second time on the edges to get the coverage.

Sounds like you have a £35 solution for waste disposal locally.

Thank you