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Knotty pine

Hi there
Towards the end of last summer I painted some old shed doors.
I sanded them back to bare woods and put two coats of Isofix primer followed by two coats of tikurilla ultra lux.
I recently went back to check how they were wearing as I have many more such doors to do.I notice several of the knots are come through.Very frustrating.
Can anyone suggest an alternative.Perhaps a stain of some sort.The client would like a Matt finish.

Knots can be activated by exposure to heat ie in direct sunlight. Big knots can be drilled out and filled, end of issue. Timber wood stains won’t work better than shellac at preventing “knot action”, far from it, but the end result of knots bleeding through the coating is less noticeable aesthetically.

I must admit, when I started reading, my first thought, was, you were going to explain that the paintwork had cracked, which could have been attributed to using shellac based (brittle) paint extensively on an exterior surface.

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Thanks for the reply.
One thing I have not come across is any cracking in paintwork.The combination of Otex and Utralux does seem very realible in longevity of the finish.I notice it looses its sheen slightly and it’s quite hard to get a good brush mark free finish when at the whim of the elements.
On the subject of the knotty doors; do you think the zinsser all coat will do the job if I treat the knots in traditional way with knotter and meths.