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Kodrin Spachtel - Linseed to thin down?

Afternoon all…seem to have this problem all round with my fillers thickening and becoming less usable.

Only reason to notice this is in finishing an open can Kodrin Spachtel and then opening a fresh one, I noticed how much easier it is to apply the new fresh stuff. Then that prompted me to wander if it can be thinned as the can runs down…is that possible or a good idea?

Is not that the end of the can is unusable but is certainly nicer to apply when fresh.

Advise on how to thin it a bit or even if that’s a good idea at all would be great. Cheers all

Hi, do you mix the contents of the whole pot when you open it and then drop it straight back in? That would ensure the best consistency overall, and then keep it well covered. (It only takes an hour to be dust dry, so a minute here and there with an open lid will add up.)

Small pots; don’t put unused leftovers back in the pot.

Also maybe use an oversize piece of cling film that is trapped by the lid to help create a proper barrier, not just rely on a piece of plastic that is just the right size until you touch it!

A drop of linseed oil is compatible with these alkyd surfacers. A clean blade with a drop of white spirit.

Im all spachteled out now :slight_smile:


You and me both Andy :sweat_smile:

No I’ve been using straight out the tin. Will be doing that in future…again seems obvious now but not until you mentioned!

No I don’t put left overs back…and fairly good at leaving the tin level but have not been stiring or using cling film. From now on…it’s a done deal. And good to know about the linseed.

Fortunately most projects the last couple of years have roughly seen them measured in tin amounts so it’s sort of worked out but I just started becoming aware of the texture/.consistency thickening as the tin is used…think it is exactly as you say…no stiring and time with tin open.

Another masterclass in materials management…cheers Andy