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Kovrd for a regular 18" tray plus 14" roller?

has anyone had success with fitting a regular 18" tray plus 14" roller into a Kovrd?

I emailed Kovrd a week ago but no reply and left a review/question on MyPaintbrush - although this wasn’t published!

I just about squeezed a Wooster Big Ben 21" tray in but zip was at bursting point and no success with the slightly deeper (not wooster) 18" trays

Hi Dave,

I’ve been using the KOVRD with an 18" tray, and can just about zip it up with a 14" Wooster roller in it - but I probably shouldn’t try as it does strain the zip.

I’ve also tried using the Wooster Big Ben, but it was so tight that I didn’t try again.

I’m hoping that KOVRD will bring out a bigger bag for us Big Tray Boys (and Girls). If they did bring out a bigger bag, I’d instantly buy 5. I’ve found paint keeps fresh for a few days - perfect when you can’t get all the coats of a colour on in one day.

thanks Charles - I really like the idea, just wish it would fit the 18" trays without the strain! Ive had no reply from either Kovrd or MyPaintbrush

I had a phone call from distributors MyPaintbrush today (a prompt from Andy maybe?!)
they will send feedback to Kovrd that standard 18" trays (UK) don’t fit inside the Kovrd.
He said US painters have already fed back via Wooster that the Big Ben trays barely fit too.
I guess its a challenge when manufacturing for a world wide market to get dimensions right - but until they get it it right I wasted £25!
For people using 9 or 12" trays I’d recommend it, I really like the product, but for those of us with Wooster 14" rollers and 18" trays to suit, it doesn’t fit!

I was extremely sceptical that it would work, but it’s a great idea and works very well. I haven’t used it with anything but a 9" though.

Bought 2 Kovrd bags last week from My Paintbrush.

First impression was very pleased with the design and practicality of them. Next I tried to put my Wooster Big Ben tray into I and was disappointed that it didn’t quite fit.

However after a few goes I can now fit the Big Ben in and for it to be airtight and my delight has increased greatly.

It’s one of those “why didn’t I buy this a long time ago?” products and my customers have also been impressed with it having never seen anything like it before.

I’m quite sure I won’t be stoping at two!

Wish I had the same success with Big Ben in Kovrd - I even tried warming both Kovrds that I bought on a radiator to give it flex but to no avail!

However DecoratingDirect sell budget roller trays suitable for 14" which fit in Kovrd easily. They are budget - £12 for 3 but hold around 4 litres and work just fine. I wanted to use KOvrd’s - so many advantages and swapped roller trays instead!

Keep trying with it Dave, I can assure you the Big Ben and 14" roller do fit in

Any further developments with getting a larger tray and roller into the kovrd?

A large paint tray that comes with liners and fits in a kovrd bag would be ideal! I wonder if those large vacuum bags you can buy would do the same job?

There was a liner for the Big Ben, ask Mypaintbrush where it got to

A larger tray than the big ben, is a skuttle?

Hi Andy I thought after reading some of the comments the big ben did not fit in the current kovrd bag so wondered if there was another large paint tray that would fit. I have e mailed mypaintbrush about the liners for the big ben and I find it of huge benefit having liners to be able to switch colours without washing the trays out :slight_smile:

The Big Ben does fit the Kovrd in my experience. The Kovrd guys are aware of the differing reports about this, I suppose it isn’t easy to re-jig everything overnight, they seem a dynamic bunch so I am sure they will come up with something.

Just wondering Andy if anyone has tried heavy duty cling film or the stuff they use for wrapping pallets for lining their paint trays as this would work out allot cheaper than actual liners IMO ?

I can confirm the big ben does fit although it is a bit tight. There’s a large tray available from Decorating Direct that fit’s easily into the Kovrd but it’s nowhere near as good as the Wooster - fill it up and you need to be careful lifting it because it flexes a fair bit. The roll ramp is smaller too. However it’s cheap enough that you could use one on a big job, store it in the Kovrd and then at the end of the job bin it (not very eco I know).

My Paintbrush haven’t had any liners for a while - I managed to get the last pack a while back I think but there’s no more yet.

I wondered about lining them with aluminum baking foil but it would need the extra wide stuff and I haven’t picked any up yet. I think that would mold better to the shape of the tray and stay in place better than cling film but obviously no good for colour changes.