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Krud Kutter Gloss Off

Was wondering if anyone here has used this product and with what kind of results?

I have 5 large book cases to paint very soon and the customer would like them done in water based paints.

Now the book cases were only painted 4 months ago in an oil eggshell, so they will need very little prep work which made me think of using the Gloss Off.

I have used other Krud Kutter products with great results, but have never used this one.




Thanks for the info, sounds like some good stuff then ?

You say you sprayed it on, was that just for speed ?

Did you just spray and leave or did you wipe it off ?as I’m sure I read on the KK web site, to apply with a rag and then wipe off.

The book cases I have to do are big so spraying it sounds like the way to go for me as well.

Anyway I have put in an order and will give it a try at home to get the feel for it.

Many thanks,


This is the tech sheet on the Krudkutter site for Gloss Off.

Ron Taylor added his positive experience with KK Gloss Off over on this thread. It was part of the process for preparing oil based gloss spindles ahead of painting with 2 coats of Dulux Ecosure water based gloss.

I’ve used Gloss Off quite a bit, and it does add quite a bit of peace of mind when coating water-based paints over glossy surfaces.

I did try spraying it, but the advice I had from Krud Kutter UK was that it was fine to spray, but then it needed rubbing into the surface and cleaning off. I found the quickest technique therefore was to have a spray bottle of it, spray it generously onto a cloth, then rub vigorously onto the surface, leave a short while, then clean off. Using this technique I glossed off all the woodwork in an 8 bedroom guesthouse, including bathrooms, within a few hours.