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Krudkutter Original for cleaning wax

[quote]If you have time I’d appreciate your advice on the best way to prepare waxed pine furniture for finishing in eggshell or similar - you mention Krudcutter - which type would you use and how to clean up ?

Would you follow with Zinsser BIN?

Many thanks


Krudkutter Original is really good for stripping wax. I used to happily apply Liberon Wax Remover and similar potions with wire wool, and scrub away, then wipe off with rags. Some you have to neutralise and others not. They did the job.

But now I would say that the nasties actually don’t work as well as KK Original, and in terms of user friendliness, there is no comparison. I have to find other ways to get high now.

[*]Wear gloves just in case - the KK is citrus based, but the coating you remove may have something in it that doesn’t agree with your bare hands.

[*]Apply KK Original liberally with a cotton rag.

[*] Leave for a few minutes, I wouldn’t let it dry out.

[*] Scrub off the wax with a rough kitchen scourer. Use a dry rag to remove the inevitable scuzz.

[*] Repeat till clean, but I have found it is very effective.

That’s it for me. This is the full Krudkutter Original Data Sheet.

Sand when the wood has dried out, and paint.

You can use Zinsser BIN primer, for sure, or a range of other oil and acrylic based primers. which can be found in the threads on hand painted furniture and hand-painted kitchens

And if you like the Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax look, there is no need to strip wax for painting.

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I can second the technique above - KK Original is brilliant at removing wax using exactly the method Andy uses.

Does the krud kutter need to be rinsed off with water? Any subsequent contamination issues?

As long as the wax is removed, there seems to be no contamination from the KK. It is nothing like sugar soap, where you have to get every last drop of residue off else the SS can react with paint coating adhesion.

This article has some info you might be interested in

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Thanks @andycrichton

nothing to add here very sound advice:eyeglasses: