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Krudkutter is a range of citrus-based eco-friendly cleaners that just work.

It is a US-made product, but many many UK decorators have picked up on the various products in the range, from the Original, to Brush Wash, through to Graffiti remover… Apply, wait a bit, clean down: that seems to be the process.

And all cleaning can be done with minimal impact on the environment. Krudkutter is used exclusively in California State schools, and in the land of high regulation, Krudkutter can be disposed of straight into drains.

Add a new topic for each product, so readers can home in easily on the right cleaner for the job

There are 100’s of uses for Krudkutter Original when mixed to varying dilution rates.

This shows how to clean down a car engine.

Use Krudkutter Original direct through your pressure washer to clean large areas, like this siding covered in traffic dust

Clean dirty stainless steel diluted 32:1

Can you let Krudkutter know if you have found it useful for any tasks other than those listed here

Krud Kutter Original is a superb product for general cleaning of anything. But if you require a bit more muscle try Krud Kutter Tough Task Cleaner.
I’ve just poured a little of this neat onto a ceramic cooker hob and I can’t believe the transformation. I did have to help a few stubbern splashes of with a cooker cleaning blade but the rest just wiped off without the need of any type of scourer.
I wouldn’t be without these products now

Ive been doing a Lincrusta wallcovering installation this week and forgot to get any white spirit (as I very rarely use it nowadays) for degreasing the product once installed.
Although Lincrusta do now do a water based degreaser, I didn’t have that either, so…I reached for my trusty KKO worked a treat and the advantage of this was I didn’t need to leave it overnight to dry out, prior to painting!

Krud Kutter Tough Task is my go to cleaner now, just has that little extra power.

Also great on golf clubs and grips !!

I always have some KK original in my van - great for degreasing, and brilliant for wax removal, although I personally don’t like the odour.

I tried KK Ultra Power Remover on silicone, and it did work, but very slowly. I found WD40 a lot quicker - but with the disadvantage that I had to use KK original afterwards to degrease the surface.

I use Gloss Off frequently for prepping previously glossed surfaces, as a belt and braces approach.