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Ladder Limb

Wayne de Wet wrote up a review of the Ladder Limb, a simple metal karabiner that wedges into a ladder rung and securely holds up to 10kg bucket, tin of paint, tool bag.

He likes it in its current form, what did you think?

What do you reckon the future features might be?

As an idea its sound, BUT! how safe is the ladder going to be with up to 10kg on one side?
HSE are not keen on ladder use as it stands now, they would go hairless if they saw this in use on a ladder.

Apparently it has been through an independent risk assessment and the assessor wants one. HSE dont get involved with product endorsement or otherwise. This is from Ladder Limb’s Alistair Taylor

[quote]Regarding HSE they cannot promote or endorse any product.

We believe that the only way they would be involved is if there was an accident and the use of ladderlimb could have helped avoid that accident.

Ladderlimb has been tested by an independent risk assessor. After a 20 minute trial his only question for us was where and when could I purchase one.[/quote]

I would assume that if it has been launched nationwide and overseas, then the stores involved would have gone through the health and safety side with a fine tooth comb? If it is used as intended, working with both hands free has to be an advantage?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is and isnt HSE role. It might help nail a few misconceptions if we knew what (or if there) are HSE directives about what you can have with you up a ladder in terms of weight?

I used to follow a H&S assessor website and most of his posts dealt with misconceptions and misapplied H&S rules.

Whatever the regs, it should be fair to say that this Ladder Limb device would enable you to work with both hands free, once you are in place. Wayne said he used it every day for a fortnight on a job trialing it, and was happy to endorse it as a good bit of kit.

It would appear that I am a little off the mark! according to the HSE, you can have up to 10kg’s on a ladder, so long as this additional weight, does not overload the ladders maximum permitted weight.

There is however, nothing that I can see about the side loading of a ladder? this is an area that really does need some demystifying, there is plenty about ladder use, securing,time use limits, points of contact ect, but little or nothing on how to load or where to load a ladder. This is from the HSE, on safe ladder use.

Another informative .pdf

I have a ladder limb, a future addition to this excellent produt would be a small metal cable which would attach around the ladder as a secondary safety feature, therefore leaving no doubt in my mind that by bucket / paint can will end up falling. Thinking about it, I have just made a little bungee cord and attached it through the karabiner and then through the ladder. Another idea might be changing one Karabiner, by adding a T section and attaching two karabiners to each end !!

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Hi guys are there any other products come along since the article was written, I work on bungalows so need something to attach my bucket to ladder?