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Laquer , varnish

Answers please , to this question:

Also please can you give me any advice on a very hard wearing
transluscent/ clear, brush applied, finish for a solid oak island
worktop in Foxhill near Liddington. We supplied with a sprayed Teknos
paints clear finish recommended to us but a curry or similar has stained
it and we are going to sand out and re coat by brush and wondered if you
can advise on the coating and best laying off brush for the job. The
oak worktop is not used for food prep and is raised above a central
stainless steel area and the oak worktop is used as a breakfast bar.
Thank you.

I await replies with interest, as “Tumeric” will stain almost anything , (the curry bit) will be Tumeric without question, anyone know of a Laquer that will withstand mentioned ???
Come on , ???

Not a lacquer but last week I did a kitchen with Oak tops, sanded down and was to oil them, but customer wanted a bulletproof finish, so I used PV67 in a satin finish.

It’s a 2 pack varnish but looked very nice in the satin and to be honest looked more like a lacquer finish than a varnish.

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Cheers Neil, noted

There is quite a bit of info on turmeric cleaning here, they handle 20kgs a week! and it seems that as long as the surface can take bleach, with patience it should be cleanable.