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Laser levels

Can anybody recommend a laser for paper hanging?

How much have you got to spend to get a decent laser level,need one for wallpapering,and for making new lines on ceilings?

I have no view on best laser levels. Never progressed much beyond a spirit level.

I hired a top of the range laser level to strike a plimsole line on a boat and we ended up with a combination of string and floppy battening and eyeballing. Looked level in the water, which was the true test of accuracy, I suppose.

As you know, spirit levels are basically a tube with water in it. There are a few applications of that simple principle that in certain situations (usually outside the sphere of decorating!) that will trump a shop bought spirit level (and a laser level!)

Never used this, but this digital water level makes sense if there are obstructions or you are striking lines around external contours (wallpapering outside walls maybe, which is possible). There is almost no measurable drop off in accuracy over any distance, and if you run over it with a truck it is easy to recalibrate!

A bunyip costs about £2 worth of tubing and a couple of corks and will strike a level line around the contour of a hill.

Food for thought if you are ever in a bind.

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My thought was to use a laser level ,for obtaing straight lines on ceiling lines,that I need to tape,cant stand wobberly lines.Great reply andy