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Lead Flashing Clean & finishing .... little off topic

Morning all, still implementing all these new skills gleaned from TP…I have to say to amazing effect.

One new problem/opportunity…having just entered the final throws of finishing the exterior decoration and looking at the shaped lead flashing over bay windows and porch.

All in good shape but looking a bit utility…have in the past wire wool’ed these areas down and soft taped them back into shape…someone had painted them badly in the past. So they look “OK” but interested if there is any way to improve them further.

Is it possible to use a cheap and easy chemical brush on to de-oxidise the areas…get them shiny again and then anything that can be brushed over to keep them that way or at least keep the oxidation consistent.

Read about patination oil but not entirely sure what finish this yields.

Any advice appreciated as always.

I have it on good authority that linseed oil may be the simplest way forward.

Hi Andy, I’m guessing that’s for the ongoing carbonation prevention rather than the de-oxidation clean up? Would that be right?

There seem to be a lot of products that address the patination but linseed would be significantly cheaper. Indeed I dusted an old bottle off to use to thin the Spachtel I’ve been using on any surface that doesn’t move.

Any pointers on what could clean the lead up? Essentially I need an equivalent of the coke effect on a copper coin.


Have you looked at something like this? Not used myself, a starting point though for asking further

Cheers Andy, that looks like the right stuff. Will try some and report back how we get on, then also try the linseed option.

Many thanks again