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Lee professional decorator

Hello TP, my name is Lee Holt.
I have been in the building trade for most of my working life, mainly as a carpenter. At the last company I worked for I started doing a bit of plastering and occasionally helping the decorators. I was laid off and have been working for myself ever since. In the last year I have been doing work for a local letting agent and it is ALL decorating. I’m really enjoying it, I’m loving it actually and I’m thinking about making it my main trade. Very keen to learn more and improve my end result.
Feeling a bit confused after reading some of the posts and hearing about so many different products and systems!

Hi Lee

thanks for persevering with the login :slight_smile:

Let us know what’s confusing you, and will try and make sense of it. Product picking is the hard part really, and going with systems that are proven rather than being on a perpetual lucky dip pick of the day.

Yes, I think I need to bring some consistency to my product selection. But where do you start? Are there any ‘always use’ for certain tasks that I could take on board right away? Like a few basics that will set me off on the right track?

check out this recent post from lee, a bit of food for thought for paints for your woodwork specs

I’d like to get some of the basics on board right away. So, are there any ‘must haves’ tool wise or ‘always use’ products that I should be using? Or techniques/procedures that I should adhere to? Or things that I should never do?!

Any tips gratefully received.

Thanks Andy.

depends on the work you’re doing - rooms, furniture,etc but for me the basics are
Fillers: Toupret range (including excellent Fibracryl in tube)
Primers: Zinsser range
Masking tapes: Tesa
Paint: Little Greene, Fired Earth emulsion, Mylands eggshell
Rollers: wooster 14" +GT poles and 4" jumbo koter
Brushes: just got to go with what’s right for you! - Hamilton 4" laying off is superb
Hand tools; tungsten carbide scraper, continental filling blades, Olfa knife

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Thanks Dave. At the moment I’m doing rooms and occasional exteriors. Feels like I am at the bottom of a very long ladder at the moment! And my shopping list is getting bigger and bigger!
So, the Zinsser primers, are you taliking about the BIN and 123 and the like? And what’s an Olfa knife?

Hi Lee,

Olfa knifes are basically a utility/trimming knife with Japanese blades (snap off)no decorator I know (and I do know a few) would be without one or two or three or… there’s lots of different types and sizes, the ones on Mypaintbrush are a good starting point: The Axus scissors are also an excellent investment and probably some of the best shears Ive ever used.

If your doing externals then your Zin BIN for spot priming only, Coverstain is an excellent product and Sikkens AZ Gloss:

Brushes for this type of product: Purdy’s or Fox’s and again have a look at Mypaintbrush, the Fox sash brushes are excellent and dont cost the earth.

Good Luck, see you on the next rung!

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Thanks Dave. The Zinsser primers, would they be the stain blockers BIN and 123 etc or is there another line altogether?
And what’s an Olfa knife?