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Lessons from corona virus

Hi folks what have you learned from the corona virus? Was the old ways of doing business the best way? Has it changed your appreciation of life? Everyone seems to be enjoying increased work schedules, how about you.

No matter how reach you’re. Your money don’t work. Every man for himself! COVID-19 feel you how animal feels when you keep them in lock.

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In our experience so far with Covid, we are thankful for having a quoting and painting system in place, that keeps things simple.

@MartinGuest laid out a very straightforward policy to keep clients safe. Ypu can see it at the top of every page on the TP site.

And we have noticed that after years of trying to perfect how we paint kitchens, we can keep contact with clients and walking in and out of buildings to a minimum.

It is a difficult time for sure, even with a surge in bookings, it is hard to schedule around the confusion that is going on.

I understand what @stafen says about every man for themself, it can feel lonely and desperate at times, but we all live in various sized communities and however hard, we have to think about our neighbours and do right by our clients.

“Normal” left town a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do the right thing in a different setting.

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Corona virus has affected us all in different ways, some of us will have lost family members, some have lost jobs and I’m sure plenty of businesses have gone down the pan. For me I have come out ok so far health is still ok and are my loved ones, I worked all the way through lockdown to pay my furloughed employees whilst waiting for money off the HMRC. If anything I’m busier now than ever and hoping to expand a bit more. Let’s see what the next few months throw in our direction… good luck to you all