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Lessons learned from an exterior decorating project

There was a few good lessons,need advertising board,going to get posters ,magnetic car stickers,as for the job,order slightly more than needed,so can give the customer sample to touch up if he needs to in the future and off course printed labels on paint sample pot.As for the job itself never buy anything unless it’s recommended on this site,end off,I lost money on buying rubbish equipment,if it’s not on hear it’s not worth buying.For the job itself,look at ways to increase performance without downgrading quality,still feel we’re to slow lots off room for improvement,removing gutters will be a must,getting the best equipment for next job will be definite,not relying on others to get the paint,after doing this job the next one,will be a little bit more focused when taking on making sure every fault on the job is brought to the customers attention,and put in writing,off course on next one carry bracket spares and rubber seals,something else I am thinking about doing get a wet and dry Hoover with extendable hose attachment with unbend to clean gutters that could be time saving,where gutters don’t need to be taken down,all in all great job.

Nice one Jason, keep galloping up the learning curve

one of the things that kept me going in the early days was the phrase ‘plan, do and review’ - and you certainly take time to review every job and look at the lessons - its a great self discipline to have

This page seems to be dedicated by my problems,Well more lessons learned.this job we have just finished,really enjoyed,lessons need to learn how do you read customers,knowing when you walk away after finishing you have achieved your outcome,
there happy,i think i need to try harder reading the signs,as for the removal off border,i used zinnerser coverstain to pre spot where the glue was that couldn’t be,removed by sander,we even tried a sharp blade to remove the hardened glue that did for the job itself working in a tight space found slowed things down,but we got around things,for the job itself the walls wernt level,i struggled where there was a crack in wall,i used scrim to fix i found it difficult to get a smooth surface on a wall that to say buckled,i told the customer i was happy to return Saturday free off charge to try and get perfect she said if i hadnt mentioned it she wouldnt have noticed but i did.Is this a common problem with a crack on wall and uneven plaster.She
was very happy with the job,or lets say i hope so,it looked really nice.This was a large double room we stripped off border,done through preparation,filled all the walls there was quite a bit,and primed filler,painted ceilings,undercoated woodwork,and glossed and doors,fixed two cracks in walls with scrim,caulkd around coving extra sanded all the walls,emulsioned taped up everything,removed door handles exta and layed plastic tape with tape around the edges,all in all this took three days each day puting in a good days work doses this seem slow or about average for a decent job,