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Lessons learned on a problem decorating job

I am helping a friend decorate, and this has been great lesson in it for me, as nothing has been ever done properly in this house before we arrived.

Where there was water staining from a leak in bathroom, I covered with zinsser cover stain, and it worked.

A for the filling, when i went around with my pencil marking dings, it never ended.

I had problems filling around electric socket, damage around plaster. What’s the best way to do this?

Also to deal with a few small patches he had plastered, I said to him we will have to seal with emulsion 50/50water first then neat emulsion, or just use a good quality sealer. He didn’t bother, and when he painted the walls, it started to flake where the new plaster was.

I noticed before we started the job, that there was crazing on walls, but at the top of wall not the bottom. Also, where the ceiling had been plastered a year ago there were cracks, just wondering wether to use scrim on ceiling.

As for walls use bullseye,i got him to gouge out stairs where there were cracks and caulk,with a wet brush. That worked nicely.

He was trying to paint his inside front door. He had given this door four coats but he docent prepare anything right. I told him about zinsser perma white, amazing stuff, self priming, covers nice ,and showed him an example. He was shocked.

The lesson i hope for him is to buy quality, prepare,well, don’t bodge.

As for his ceiling with the wallpaper paste on it and on walls, I hope thats been a lesson for him. I know what paste looked like when dry on a ceiling painted matt.