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Lessons learned

A few lessons learned,

one left steel wool near one off my good brushs and its left rust marks on my brush, how can i remove rust from brush,

When working with toupret filler dont sand by machine unless vacuum attached, the dust will be like a cloud

When using filler never compromise on cheap filler its rubbish

Learned what to look for on wallpaper paste gone over on walls, and what happens when you paint bare plaster without sealing. I did know that one at least,

and every tape has a different purpose, left blue tape on too long took paint off. Should have used a delicate 14 day tape,

Also on my Wooster kit the small pro dooze fits to the Sherlock handle. Yes i must be stupid, yes I must be stupid,

Also with krudcutter brush cleaner not very good cleaning brushs unless left overnight then it works,

When cutting in around ceiling even with a nice brush dont bother just uses tape nice straight edge, when working work tidy or not at all, jobs worth doing its worth doing properly,

Don’t copy other peoples habits,its been a very educational Christmas,but its made me even more eager to become a pro,but not quite there yet. :slight_smile: :frowning: Thanks guys


YOUR LEARNING…KBO…( keep buggering on) Winston Churchill quote 1939 - 45

Yer another lesson today - forgot to leave window open, paint took a long time to dry,

Also on the rollers I leave them to soak in krudkutter overnight when finished with them. When will they invent a roller paint mate,a

Also going to buy disposable slippers so when i come out of a room, feet nice and clean,

Last but least the Wooster kit is amazing,really quick, a joy to own.

Also going to look for clear plastic bags to cover my big Ben tray save time cleaning it, My friend said buy disposable trays in a pack and throw them away like the brushes,but i use the good brushes ,trays ,so wouldnt be practical to do it.

You should learn to cut in without taping as it is a time saver. Thin the paint; hold brush as close as possible to 90 degrees to the wall; use a minimum of a 2.5 inch for emulsion areas.

Do you mean have a small pot thinned paint,just for ceiling cutting in,what mixture of paint would you recommend ,10 percent water,or are you suggesting water down all of it,very interesting,but surely if you water down you wont get the coverage,take more coats to cover.

You don’t always have to thin the paint, but you would always at least test your emulsion for flow. If it is dragging, ease the paint you are brushing with water gradually till it feels right for flow and coverage. (You can always add, not so easy to take away.)

You can add FLoetrol to the whole pot and it will make all the paint for brushing and rolling flow better and coverage will be fine.

Sherlock poles come in all sizes from 2 feet and up.

Various size roller tray and skuttle liners are available from MyPaintBrush

Rollers have be left OK in the Kovrd zip-up bags for at least a couple of weeks.

Just notice where i used caulk on inside a exterior door i used a bit on frame as i had trouble with filler drying,the door was that cold,the caulks gone all soft,must be a chemical reaction with paint,wont do that again,wait for summer,

I’ve had that problem with caulking near an exterior door. I assumed it was a combination of low temperature and moisture coming through from outside.

On the ceiling taping thing, have to ask a stupid question: do you mean if you’re only painting the ceiling?? Or just painting the wall?

Oh right, I think I get it, you’re talking about putting tape on the ceiling so you can use a roller to cut in the top of the wall…?

And when people are mentioning putting rollers in bags or soaking them in Krudkutter, that’s when they’re in oil-based, right?

[quote]Quote from DavidJ on February 2, 2014, 18:32
And when people are mentioning putting rollers in bags or soaking them in Krudkutter, that’s when they’re in oil-based, right?


Water based paints for rollers and brushes sealed in the Kovrd bag.

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Thought so, but I’ve never thought to soak a water-based roller in anything but warm water before washing it out. I must be missing something!

On the roller paint mate note, I have in my brush mate a foam roller in satinwood. Not used it since it went in, but when I do I’ll report back. Though I can’t see a reason it wouldn’t be okay…

David your saying use paintmate for foam roller used for oil based paint i cant see no reason not.

Use fairy liqiud in emulsion,makes it flow nicely.

[quote]Quote from darlic on February 8, 2014, 17:14
Use fairy liqiud in emulsion,makes it flow nicely.[/quote]

You are pushing the envelope :slight_smile:

That isn’t the first time that tip has been mentioned, and I and others have done it “successfully” with acrylic paint, but one should point out that it is on the user’s head if it doesn’t work and no tech support in the land is likely to help you out if there is a problem.

I and others may say it can work, but I wwould be interested to see a report on Fairy in paint to say it does actually “work” long term?

I’m intrigued, well puzzled really, as to the reason to add a foaming detergent to a coating…!?

I’m no chemist, and not advocating it as general practice, but a drop of Fairy in acrylic paint seems to overcome cissing if applying acrylic over a cissy surface - dont know why it works, but no denying it has a tiny place in the armoury if you are in a bind. I can;t paint fast enough to create a froth.

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[quote]Quote from darlic on February 2, 2014, 21:14
David your saying use paintmate for foam roller used for oil based paint i cant see no reason not.[/quote]


Done a room lately,when i checked the room for paint adhesion,i sealed the walls with bulls eye 123,then emulsion ed,on the wall i didn’t paint,i needed a nice straight edge,i new the paint adhesion on that wall wasn’t good even with delicate tape i risked ,lifting paint,what i done was applied tape just along the edge,without pushing down worked well.

Now using carry bags to protect ceiling lamps,also paint conditioner,in my oil based paints,and going to try flotrol for my water based emulsions.Also learned when working i use disposable slippers so i walk out a room no,paint or dust on feet to walk through carpet.