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Liberon Bath and Kitchen Varnish help please

Gloss varnish compatible with the above?

A few weeks ago I sanded down and varnished a 1970’s worktop for one of my customers.

I used Liberon Bathroom and Kitchen satin varnish as it’s food safe and to my mind I like the “Natural/Mattt” finish. I showed the customer a sample and they asked me to go ahead.

I’m now painting the rest of the kitchen as the worktop made the rest of the units look very tired. :slight_smile:
A couple of wash downs with turps and a coat of Zinsser 123 and they are already pleased.

The customer has now decided they would like a Gloss varnish finish to the worktop.

Can anyone please suggest a compatible varnish that I could simply apply once I’ve given the existing one a gently sand with a fine paper?

Your help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks for looking,