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Linbide scrapers

are they worth adding to tool kit. :slight_smile:

essential! it’s the only scraper I use - good for making v in ceiling cracks, creating precise corners in door panels etc etc
The carbide blade also recommended by Repair Care for fine surface scraping before sanding their Dry Flex
I’d say a carbide blade scraper and a pack of continental filling blades are first bits of prep kit to buy

Thanks i will order one.

David just for education what do you mean creating precise corners in door panels,and v in ceiling cracks i just gouge out crack.Thanks from a keen learner.

The carbide blade is extremely sharp and you’ll rake out a v in ceiling and wall cracks a lot easier than with say a shave hook.

re door panels,- door mouldings often have years and layers of paint clogging up detail. I like to have corners, mitres and mouldings looking sharp with clean lines as much as possible. The sharp edge and corner of the carbide blade is really effective to cut in and remove the paint clogged up in corners and mouldings and to open up some of the detail again.

Then sand back through the grades of paper for final prep before priming

Agree with all that has been said. I would say there is a downside to such a sharp blade, it can cause more damage to a surface than you might want, if it slips.

The carbide scrapers with the front handle/knob are controllable.

Bahco are the top name, I did risk a Hamiltons version and it was actually pretty good, to be fair.

Well you learn something everyday on this site.