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Lincrusta News

I’ve just been asked to trail the new non woven Lincusta Wall covering which will be available soon…
Non woven: No more soaking, paste and go, easier to trim and cut plus more…

I will let you know how it goes and report back

This is Russ’ findings that he blogged on Traditional Painter. In the process of explaining the workings of the non woven Lincrusta new generation, he also gives a good insight into the ins and outs of traditional Lincrusta, that I believe is made in the exact same way as it was from day 1.

I too have been asked to trial the new product, but, still waiting for delivery of adhesive from AS.

Hi All,

Mr Lincrusta, sorry for the lack of replies and chatter about Lincrusta, we are a small team and are extremely busy, but I can assure you all, I will endeavour to update TP as often as possible.

Remember our website is

My e mail address is a follows:- or call 0044 (0)7801 241 609

  1. The Non-woven trials have taken a slightly different turn at the moment, we are looking at a paper backing that has been fully sized and etched, and we are currently trialling the application of the adhesive to the paper backing (without soaking) YES you heard me correctly, who would like to trial some of this product for Lincrusta and feedback?

  2. New Design ROCCO, will be launched very soon and a photo of the design will be available ASAP.

I hope this small bit of information will help and look out for further replies.

Cheers Mr Lincrusta