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Sorry guys for not being around but as you are aware I was in Australia watching the Irish and British Lions Play the Australians, and yes we won LOL!
Any way at the moment I am talking to all the main Paint manufacturers to get full specifications from them all for the application of Paint to Lincrusta. so if any TP Forum members would like to see specialist paint companies added to this list then please let me know.

Mr Lincrusta will be travelling to Mongolia early August, to train some guys to apply 440 rolls of product to a bespoke high class apartment block in Ulaanbaatar yes I know that is different.

Cheers Mr Lincrusta

your the man that knows…I hv been on the lincrusta website concerning a course on hanging the paper…but there are no such course available in my area ( Colchester,essex) any ideas

up an under…cheers mick

Hi Mick,

nearest will be either Barking and Dagenham or Somerset let me know which is best and I can e mail you details

my email is