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Little Green Flat Oil Eggshell Scratching

Hi All - new to the forum and site n general which is excellent.

I have begun a project to paint my dated kitchen in LG flat oil eggshell in grey teal. Colour is great but a bit unsure about the cure time?

I have taken off a cabinet door and painted the back using my method to test whether it is fit for purpose before doing the whole kitchen.

Process is:

Clean with Zinsser degreaser
Tack Cloth
Prime with Zinsser bin 123 (water based)
Roll on LG with foam roller, lay off with fox brush
Leave 16 hours - recoat.

Thing is - its now been 20 hours since the most recent coat and I’m scratch testing the surface and the LG paint is coming away, but not the primer.

Is the cure time much longer that 20 hours or have I messed something up here? Any and all advice is really welcome.

did you not use lg undercoat ?

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No I didn’t, but wouldn’t think that’s an issue given all the guidance on the forums and main website?

its quite important to stick with the manufacturers system to avoid paint failure.
personally when i am working in oil on wood such as your doors i would have gone on with bin not 123 where i to be sealing wood for painting in oil

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possibly there has been a mix up between b.i.n and bulls eye 123

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Yes your right sorry!! It’s the bulls eye 123 in using. Thing is the primer isn’t scratching off.

Could this just be that the oil needs more time to cure? I’ve never experienced this with other eggshell or gloss based oil finishes but the paints I use aren’t designer normally.

Would I maybe be better off switching to LG acrylic??

Any advice appreciated

i would switch to acrylic and keep it all wb . you will also get it done in a fraction of the time

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Zinsser make some great products but I’m not a fan of 123. BIN on the other hand yes, it’s the best problem surface solution on the market.

For reasonably straight forward cabinetry I use Tikkurila Otex (Oil) and in the last 18 months or so Otex Akva the water borne equivalent.

Your problem seems to be adhesion, the primer has done half its job, it’s gripped the old but not the new.

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for problematic surfaces in the future use this Insl-X® Stix® water based option


That’s a very smart observation!

With Otex primer, specifically we were advised to scuff sand and never sand the life out of it, because over sanding compromises the “hooks” on the surface, which are designed for top coats to grip to. I would presume Zinsser’s adhesion prrimers in general work on a similar basis?

If, once cured, the eggshell paint is still scratching off, over-sanding of the Bullseye primer could be the reason for the scratchable eggshell.

This thread does highlight a fundamental flaw in specifying primers and top coats from different companies. Decorating is full of variables, which we try to minimise by doing things properly and following specs that have proven reliable over time, but when there is the odd curve ball with 2 manufacturers’ products, who you going to call? No paint company will know another manufacturer’s product as well as their own and can’t be responsible for someone else’s product.

where can you buy from tehio?

shaw paints

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