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Little Greene same colour different shade in a different tin?

Hi Guys,

We had a room painted in Hollyhock a month ago, then we put in a bespoke wardrobe and needed to make a few touch ups on the walls with a small roller. Same colour paint from a second tin is much lighter to the original tin with clear distinction from the original coats. Both of the tins were purchased directly from Little Greene. It is so light that the touch up rolled blocks look like white patches on the original painted wall from the same colour.

I contacted Little Greene and they advised that it can always be a slight variation from ‘batch to batch’ that is why they always advise to purchase enough colour for the job and always roll break to break, not do touching up.

What is your experience with Little Greene colours?



I use Little Greene on a regular basis - great colour palette and a robust coating for family homes. I have it tinted and mixed by the same specialist shop in Bristol.

However I’ve found that occasionally tints are not the same , although in fairness that may have to with paint ageing on the wall compared to a fresh tin when used for touch-ins. I do find that often the eggshell is slightly different from emulsion colour. However this is very minor criticism, I highly recommend Little Greene to clients.

The only two companies I find that give unfailingly accurate colour matches to their colour cards are Fired Earth and F&Ball, but the lack of opacity and durability of F&B emulsion is also something to consider.

(oh and dont get me started on Dulux colour tinting!! They cant even tint Gardenia consistently!!)

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