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Lucas Protools ProFinish Paintbrush

Just in case anyone needs some extra bedtime reading… here’s my posting about the lovely Lucas Protools ProFinish paintbrush.

Since publishing, I’ve had a few email “conversations” with the company re filament choice - I look forward to testing in paint very soon.

For those who have already seen or read, apologies.


Will be interesting to see if you think it’s worth the £60 asking price Martin.

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At first glance, the build quality is in a league of it’s own… but, any product is is only “good” if it performs the task that it is intended, efficiently and effectively - looking forward to testing proper…

Lucas Protools now tell me that the Chinex filament is good in solvent and acrylics and say that they may have to look at changing their leaflet text in the future.

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I was reading the pre-launch reviews, the emphasis seems to be on how great it is in emulsion and less shouty, albeit positive comments on performance in trim paints.

I know Martin and a few others will be giving it a thorough testing for the next month or so. I suspect most first round owners, though, may still be holding back on the first dunk of their equivalent of a painter’s prize cuban cigar!!??

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When speaking with Lucas, they were emphasising that it was great as a wall brush… Developed following a number of Interior Designers specifying a brush finish to emulsioned walls… Which I get - I really do, but if that is/was the case, why make it “only” 2.5"?

I understand that the wall brushes of yesteryear were 6" bristle behemoths - I’m sure I’ve got a couple knocking around my cellar, but I still don’t understand why Chinex has been selected!?

I have no issue with Chinex perse, I just feel that it is narrowing the potential usage down. It is a rigid filament and personally speaking don’t feel that it is ideally paired to the waterborne medium.

The ProFinish is a stunningly beautiful brush… Filaments too high set, but completely beautiful nonetheless.

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