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Magic erasers

Hi folks do any of you use theses little gems,whiether in decorating or around the home?

Can remove soot from walls ,well,but wouldn’t use on large areas,

Have you got a link so we can take a look? Thanks.

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Hi Andy I buy mine from a cleaning supplies,they have many good uses,including removing light marks from doors,I will update this post with lots of pictures and examples.

Hi Jason is that the white foam blocks you wet and rub on the surface to be cleaned? Ally

Yes I prefer to give them a light spray with water.

The Mrs bought a box of them off EBay. She used the on marks on some walls.
They would work ok on durable paint Optiva etc but on old Dulux vinyl Matt they made a right mess.
I’m sure she does things like that just so I’ll do a repaint!

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look at them like fine sandpaper test a area not noticeable.cheers

It seems that magic erasers are made of melamine foam from BASF, which as Jason says acts like sandpaper. This would bear out the observation that non-durable paint probably won’t do very well. An eraser also won’t last very long, it acts rather like a soft pencil eraser.

when melamine resin cures into foam, its microstructure becomes very
hard – almost as hard as glass – causing it to perform on stains a lot
like super-fine sandpaper. You may be asking yourself, if this foam is
almost as hard as glass, then how can it be like a sponge? Because it’s a
special type of open-cell foam.

[From “How Stuff works”][1]

It would be helpful to UK readers to see one in action on typical UK painted surfaces, the US videos seem to show it cleaning their highly durable acrylic wall finishes!

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If you have a panel door with a mark on it, might be worth trying a magic eraser, first, give it a try in a area that’s not notiable first.

Used today to remove small amount of tape adhesive worked well.

Worked well removing dryed emulsion from laminate floor.

Removed paint from kitchen furniture ,always worth trying in a area least noticeable first.