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Mandie DIY furniture rescuer

Hi, I’m Mandie and I work as a PA for a life assurance company I have two golden retrievers and a love of all things creative; photography, gardening, DIY and rescuing junk or unwanted furniture and giving it a new lease of life.


Hi welcome to the forum :smile:

Welcome to the TP forum Mandie… you’re in good company here!

Thank you for the warm welcome, I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

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Welcome Mandie, glad you like it so far, It would be good to see some of your rescued furniture.

Hi Tony, it’s mainly fun stuff rather than serious restoration but I’m happy to post some pictures if it’s OK to do so.

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Of course it is, it should be fun or we are doing it wrong!

This was an ugly but as new 80’s teak veneer chest of drawers that I revamped for my nephew to match his newly decorated bedroom.

I can’t find a before pic for this but it was a very scratched dark mahogany veneer table that I got in Oxfam for £5 and painted to resemble a clock face.


Lovely work Mandie!

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Hi Mandie and welcome to the TP Forum. Lovely work on this table and the chest! The clock face must have been well pernickety, nice skills :slight_smile:

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Great work Mandie, looks like you did have fun! And I bet you have a very happy nephew. Loving the table, some skills there that would put a professional to shame. Keep up the good work :smiley: