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Mark - new to the trade

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, just want to say what a good site this is. Plenty of good info and probably the first one I’ve come across that doesn’t make you feel like you’re intruding! :smile:

I’ve had a serious interest in painting and decorating for a while now but have never taken it further than painting my own home (inside and out) but I’m now looking at changing carrer and taking the plunge into the trade.
I’m looking at doing a C&G course with a company called AbleSkills and then hopefully getting a job with a company or possibly starting on my own.
Can anyone recommend if this is the best way to go or have any tips for getting into the trade?

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Hi and welcome ,to what’s going to be a long journey. Able skills is based in Dartford they offer fast track courses looked at doing a city and guilds in wallpapering, but decided not to, on advice off some
on here.I went to college but due to divorce had to cut my course short, missing wallpapering.If you type in city and guilds on the search you will see the advice Russ pike gave, this guy is a master off his trade please read. If your really keen, to learn this site will be a great start, ask as questions, read
everything ,study videos on YouTube i do most nights,theres also another top guy jack pauhl,type in your find him ,the information is there, for the taking, even better practise on your house or friends ,I done this for two winters with my son, getting part time experience with a pro would be invaluable, and off course college if you got the time,i enjoyed every miniute,would love to do it again just for the experience,hope this helps,cheers


Hi Mark

the doors are open :slight_smile:

Check out the thread and in general, if you want to be the best decorator you can be, there is nothing stopping you. The world is your oyster if you are driven, inquisitive and hard working and have talent, of course.

There is a saying that if you need to learn, a teacher will appear. Picking your way through the minefield of half baked courses and half informed info these days seems to be the hard part, but you will do OK if you focus on seeking out any course or person who can teach you principles that you can then go and apply as you practice practice practice (for years. )

Painting and decorating is a vast industry, from oil rig maintenance to gilding palaces, get a good grounding then knock yourself out with whatever niche grabs you. There is room for any number of passionate souls


Hi Darlic and Andy,

Thanks for your advice and for the encouragement!! The link was a good boost!! :smile:
As I said above it is something I’ve been looking at for some time but wasn’t sure which way to turn as shelling out £1800 for a 5 week course wasn’t the route I really wanted to take so reading that a good bit of hard work will get you going is good for me!

Darlic, how have things worked out for you and are you seeing regular work? What type of college course did you do?

Hi mark ,first question, yes it is working out nicely, as for work there’s plenty out there its just putting in the footwork and getting your name out for your question on college went to Guildford, a
great college done diploma I myself have a passion for decorating, that has helped a lot.cheers the name is Jason by the way.

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Hi Jason,

Good to see it is all working well for you and cheers for getting back to me.
I’m hoping to get myself on a course fairly soon and then start getting myself out there!
Decorating is definitely something I’ve wanted to get into for some time so the passion is there. I might be back on here soon asking for a few hints and tips! :smile:

Thanks again!

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Hey Mark no worry’s we look forward to it.