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Marketing books

I thought I would offer a recommendation for two great books; The purple cow by Seth Godin and The perfection of marketing by James Connor.
Both books are formatted in easy to read and understand way but supplying insights that cannot fail to benefit you when making a plan for your business.
The purple cow will help identify your target market and give solid advice for getting noticed. If you are driving down the road and see cow’s in a field, they stay in the background of your awareness because we’ve all seen cows before. But if you pass a purple cow well now you are gonna take notice and maybe even stop for a closer look. So how do we show out from the long list of decorators? But its more than just having a gimmick we want to get people talking about our services so we have to have something remarkable so that people remark to their group and disseminate the word. Identify those who are in a position of influence in their group give them cause to talk about you and your business. It’s an excellent read and broken into bite size portions so easy to pick up and put down.

The perfection of Marketing is a book that will help you to create a brand. People think in mental images, when coming in touch with your business identity; which includes the name of your business, logo and tag line. What is the instant image that it provokes? This is a science and once explained you will have your eyes opened and see successful branding every where you look. Just by having a well considered business identity we can project qualities of an “ownable sales moment” What sets you out from the competition? Is it something that you can claim and own? Can you capture that in your identify and project it to the market?

We all need a little help to tell our potential clients why it is us they should choose.
These books can’t fail to assist you in that task.


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Thanks ciaren will take note and order,another good book worth reading is jay leviinson guerrilla marketing.