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Masking tape and masking a hand-painting kitchen

As part of compiling some tips and a few fundamentals for achieving a flawless finish, some pointers on masking up and different tapes.

A few tips here that I posted on Posterous that get read a lot paint a kitchen

Hi Andy, I would definitely back you up there on your prep and masking up techniques. I use quite a bit of the standard 2" beige masking tape for general masking, which I buy from a local motor factors. Its really sticky but doesn’t leave any residue.

What do you recommend?



For general taping down I actually had a good deal once from DDC, well, £1/roll for their std crepe tape. As long as it doesnt touch anything precious. I see Jack Pauhl differentiating on same job - std tape where it doesnt matter, reliable 3M 2090 where it does matter. Getting that precise flipping between tape is where having the 3M tape dispensers come into their own.

I gotta get one of those tape dispensers they look really useful bit of kit and I love having all the kit for the job!

Well I have to put my hands up here chaps, I never tape the inside of units always painting free hand. Maybe its the type of units I normally paint but I find they have a 4-5mm step back to the inside, so have just painted free hand.

Russ, I carry a couple of the TA-20 tape dispensers and now they are one of those “never go back to the old way” accessories. Just all round tidier way to use tape, hard to lose on site too.

No need to apologise Neil, if it works for you. There are plenty of carcasses without the lip, though. As I said in the article, for me, taping the inside is a time saver. Without a dispenser though, taping isn’t a time saver.

Yehp, I tape up inside carcasses as well but its just habit i think!

I’ve masked and done it freehand and for the time it saves cutting in a dead straight line masking is best.

Tack rags are an essential item for me too.

Nothing to do with the finish but I number doors taken off by writing on masking tape and attaching it underneath the hinge area on both the door and the frame.

Good idea Mark for numbering.

Masking tape has a multitude of uses. This is a post on labelling kitchen doors for painting and a colleague’s first attempt. He didnt quite think it through!!

I,ve been using Tesa tape and found it too be very precise.It comes off very clean and with a slight run over with a sponge leaves a clean edge.
Expensive though at over £6.00 a roll but if it does the job…
Not sure how the dispenser would work but I,ll look into it.I tend to use a razor blade.

The standard masking tape from holemans suits me for most masking jobs, used it for years without any problems and its about £1.20 a roll.