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Masking tape and masking dispenser suggestions

I ordered a bit of stuff from My Paintbrush yesterday - thought I would try the Fox Round Sash 14 and an Axus Grey, a Picasso 2.5 Angled, a Hamilton Prestige Laying off Brush and some Trollull Glass Cleaner Sponges - never seen these before. This is through being on this forum looking at all the reviews and tips etc - so thanks all for that :slight_smile: I wanted to order some Blue Dolphin Painters Tape because I had seen some good reviews, but unfortunately you can only order in bulk :frowning: so got some Frog low tack tape instead. I have used this before on artists canvases, but not on furniture or cabinets - can anyone let me know if you’ve used it for this kind of job and how they found it to perform? What is other peoples thoughts on the best Painter’s Tape?Would be interested to hear. Thanks :slight_smile:

Frog tape works as advertised, just don;t damage the edges, else the seal doesnt work, hence keep the roll in the plastic case.

I keep 4 types of masking tape - in a systainer with 3M masker , poly roll etc

  • basic ‘beige’ for carpets - Rodo from Johnstones, good strong adhesion
  • Blue Dolphin from MyPaintbrush - medium tack
  • Tesa yellow for precision - low tack, comes off light switches and sockets easily and cleanly
  • Tesa pink - delicate surface - wallpapers, varnish etc

David you have a nice selection,there,i will note and order,anyone recommend a good heavy duty tape gun.What tape is best recommend for laminated flooring,when using lining paper to cover,also looking to purchase some good dustsheets,that protect carpets any recommendations.

The 3M masker is good - Andy has pics elsewhere

For laminate I’d use probably the Blue Dolphin - medium tack although always assess every surface carefully before applying masking.

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Check the info on this thread about dust sheets and floor protection

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Dave have you a reference for carpet tape, cant find it,where can you buy it from.cheers

I keep 4 types of masking tape - in a systainer - with 3M masker , poly roll etc.
1 a basic ‘beige’ for carpets and sticking floor protection paper together- Rodo from Johnstones.- cheap as chips , but its high tack and only for surfaces that can take that
2 for greater accuracy e.g stair carpet to strings and any medium tack requirements - Tesa 3day or 7day
3 For precision lines and low tack, (light switches and sockets, door handles - Tesa Yellow
4 for delicate surface - wallpapers, varnish etc - Tesa Pink

For hard floor protection I now use the FloorCard from ProtectaScreen recommended by Zen some time ago
Code: 116-028 1m x 100m £30
the 1m width makes it quicker to cover than lining paper and its really stout n sturdy probably 1700 or 2000g? so can be reused a second time

For staircarpets and door thresholds its Packexe - the dispenser makes easy work of stairwells


May I ask you a question are you self taught or have you been to college ,some off your posts are excellent have learned quite a bit from you. Cheers Jason

initially self taught but within first three months of self employment linked up with another local decorator, she was fully trained and had learned from a Master Decorator so my learning curve went vertical! Since then have built a small network in Bristol of other experienced decorators to work with and share best practices. Have also attended weekend/evening courses although for me nothing compares to working collaboratively with others


I agree with Dave, 3M hand masker is a must. I always have 48" film and various widths of masking paper on hand.

I’ve tried a lot of tapes over the years but always seem to go back to 3M Painter’s Blue. Though the original Painter’s Blue is good the new 'Edge Lock" tapes are excellent for masking straight lines. Though the new tapes are are slightly darker blue than the original the 2 new types are separated by either orange (low tack) or green (slightly more adhesion) writing on the tape itself and on the packaging. Both are great to apply and give superb straight lines with no bleed. I always use the orange on freshly painted surfaces but the green is great for glass or work surfaces.

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HI guys have any of you heard of packex dispensers?basicly instead of rolling out
Plastic tape ,you put it on dispenser and push along any recomendations on
a good piece of kit.cheers

I use the packexe dispenser for stairs - it just gets into the corner of tread and riser nicely.