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Materials you want to see on shelves not just online

Morning All,

As an independant supplier i am constantly on the look out for the best products to keep on my shelves. I like to think that i have a fairly sound knowledge of the business and that i supply a pretty good range of products but i am not one to get complacent and i am very aware that i am no longer privy to the ins and outs of site life in the way i once was!

I would love to get feedback from all the decorators out there on what products they rate most and would most like to see on a suppliers shelves from primers to fillers, interior and exterior paints, dust sheets, brushes, sandpapers etc etc to those little bits of kit which they would not be without and why. I can not promise i will be able to stock everything, but i would love to look into it.

Thank you,


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Beeline Primer Sealer always seems a problematic one to find. Even had a couple of calls from decorators in Scotland asking if I have any!! Supposedly Ciret look after it? but I did some calling and it seems that the ordering policy in stores is so “just in time” they don’t even carry packs of 12. Asking what was available was more like entering a lottery. When they have checked the shelves, will it be 1, 6 or none in stock today! So having 12 cartons of Beeline Primer Sealer in stock would make you different.

Do many people ask for Beeline primer sealer these days, everyone I know uses Zinsser Gardz, a cracking product.

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You are right. Zinsser have done a number on their marketing and the Beeline Primer Sealer guys have dropped the ball. Beeline have a very economical and bombproof primer sealer but Zinsser have the weight of popular opinion behind them.

@Darlic picked up on the Verbo range of protective dust sheets that will be at the UK trade paint show stand 119/120


Hope this helps, Wooster dust buster, excellent piece off equipment,


Thanks for that - i will have a look at their stand in a few weeks time!

Big ben liners,would be handy there a pain to get hold off.

Toupret blue lid filler is rated very highly by many, as are their other fillers, but it’ll just be the exterior, blue lid and TX110 that sell well.

Proform (not the ergo) and Corona brushes are very popular amongst the brush aficionados.

Classidur Extreme Universal Primer gets rave reviews, it’s a Godsend as it does so many priming / blocking / gripping etc tasks without having to lug around a load of cans.

Polyvine decorators varnishes

Upol Easy 1

And I agree about the Beeline.

These are all products decorators will go a long way out of their way to buy!