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Metal paint

Hi Folks,
my brother in law has friend who is installing a steel stair case and wants to spray finish it in something close to Gun metal in colour. He is experienced in spraying cars so no worries there.

Any ideas on products or process?


Hammerite is sprayable with hvlp but will need to be thinned considerably to get it to move though the gun. I think Hammerite recommend 4 thin coats if using this system.

There usually isn’t any need for a primer with Hammerite, but it might be worth looking at if it is to come in for a lot of abrasion.

I found Dulux Metalshield to be a superb coating on metal - modern Hammerite - but it isn’t suitable for spraying.

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Try this: http:

Thank you folk’s I will pass your advice on.

evening zen

what about RUST-OLUM this is the best quality metal paint I have used . good flow and coverage. in my opinon top notch stuff.

Yes, I was going to recommend looking at rustoleum too. There are some great products, especially there industrial coatings. However, you say metal staircase, but do. Not mention if it is internal or external?
If it is internal, that throws up a whole new ball game, namely water based coatings can be used, which are much more convenient to use. One that springs to mind is. Crown’s metallic range.
I am not suggesting that water based coatings are not suitable for external, but the purpose for painting the staircase has changed if it is internal, as protection may not be priority.

Which Rustoleum product Mick, they have quite the range. Top kit though. They were the company who spotted fish oil as the preservative on steel. (I didnt invent that. )

hi andy

I have used the rustoleum combi colour on entrance gates at kesgrave hall., near Ipswich Suffolk. looked fantastic.

applied by brush

As for paint I will recommend dulux metalsheid,whats the best way to clean a steel staircase, thought about krudcutter,sounds about right, and use a brush, and roller any tips on best ones to use, not sure, about flaky paint whether to use wire brush, or wet and dry what’s the best way.