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Mick professional decorator Essex

afternoon all

I am Mick Downie of MPD DECORATING based in Colchester Essex. i have been looking on the site for decorators apart from me who are based in Colchester and I cannot find any. I must be the first.

Been decorating for over 30 years in and around Colchester. Started off working with my father. then for local building companies painting new builds,refurbs,prestigous private homes.

Now work for myself after being made redundant in 2009 from a local builders of Colchester. (Hills residential. Hills group) anyway I have started to build up a clientel of people who require kitchens painted(refurbs) which I am happy to do, but I would like to pursue more work. as I would like to specialise in just kitchens,furniture ect.

I would like your advice on pitching myself out to bespoke kitchen companies and basically anyone who want to employ me.

Over the years I have painted about 20 kitchens, but alas at that time did not build up a portfolio of photos to show kitchen painting. Got plenty of photos of work on period decor, exterior jobs.

I would like to give you a big thumbs up for the site and fellow kitchen masters who contribute to the site. You advice is quality. Any advice is welcome.

Hi Mick

If you have painted 20 kitchens over the years, you have been doing something fairly right! Committed kitchen painters will have done plenty more than that, but picking up 20 kitchens here and there as a general decorator, it sounds to me like you have a certain knack for marketing yourself?

I don’t think there is too much more to getting work from kitchen companies beyond knocking on doors and proving to the decision maker that you can actually deliver the standards they want. On the flip side, you want to make sure you are going to earn what you need to, working for them! (A good deal is one that is fair to both parties)

evening andy
thankyou for getting back to me. and yes i think what you wrote is right.the kitchens i have completed have been all private refurbs.but i would like to break into the high spec kitchen work, either pre - primed or from new timber,as i hv never worked on these type before.i would like advice on new work kitchens.a refurb kitchen has got to be more differcult more prep than a designer one???

at present i am sending out letters to local kitchen designers,hand built bespoke companies to market myself. and price has to be an issue, but really as long as i make a living i am not bothered about making loads of money. the last refurb i completed was in 2010 about 30 units,plus kick boards,pelmet,wine,plate rack .it took me on my own about 10 days and i charged £2,500. i enjoyed doing it and the client was well happy. please feel free to comment .one an all

regards and happy new year. mick