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Mirka Abranet dustless sanding

Preparation is the key to high quality painting and decorating.

Mirka developed a dustless sanding system that quite frankly has changed decorating.

The abrasive is called Abranet, an abrasive net fabric with thousands of tiny holes.

The abrasives attach securely to a variety of velcro-backed sanding blocks, from the new two handed “Handy” to flexible foam blocks, shaped blocks, as well as high performance power sanders like the CEROS. (See reviews of CEROS from independent decorators)

There are several velcro-backed sanding blocks or sanders which will attach securely to a vacuum extractor.

95% of the dust from the sanding block is sucked straight from the surface into the safety of the extraction unit - a Henry to a full industrial vac will work.

The Abranet abrasives come in many grades, from superfine to super rough.

The dry sanding dust extraction system is industry standard in the automotive industry nowadays, but decorating is relatively new to the game.

I have used Abranet from mid 2009 on kitchen cabinets and woodwork. It was like a new beginning. And 2010 I had another leg up with the CEROS random orbital sander on ceilings and walls.

Mirka’s system is now very highly developed, and is multi faceted, with new formats and options for sanding and polishing coming out all the time. Use this thread to ask or eulogise or critique Mirka’s Abranet system.

Anyone had to have any repairs to the ceros ? We have had ours for about 5 months and it suddenly started cutting out, they do come with a 2 year warranty. The company doing the repair have had our sander for almost 2 weeks now and we are finding it very difficult to live without. !!

Not good that the CEROS flipped out on you, but when it happens, looks like you get the back-up, which is reassuring. I can only speak from my own experience, my CEROS has never missed a beat in nearly 2 years. I had forgotten it was actually yellow.

I can well imagine what you mean about missing it. I used the manual Abranet starter kit on walls and ceilings for the longest time. For general sanding down wide open spaces, it is the same end results as the CEROS, but a bit of a work out. The other disadvantage of not having the CEROS, is you miss that finesse for sanding between coats, buffing.

I think Abranet abrasives are light years ahead of anything else on the market. Works great for hand sanding and in any elecric sander.
I have a Festool RTS 400 and the Abranet abrasive on this performs much better than the Festool gear.

I recently bought a CEROS on the advice of you guys, and it’s definitely worth it!

I found the 5mm interface pad good for sanding down a not-very-flat ceiling :wink:

As I’ve banged on about - and bored everyone with, I’m sure; Recently purchased a Mirka system (CEROS and 915 extractor) and then also added a FESTOOL RO-90 to it.

I have to say that it is probably the best money on decorating kit that I have spent.

It is quick, clean and the finish is perfection… within a week of owning, it had made me money!!! So pleased with it, I don’t know how I managed without it!

Furthermore, my kit that I bought included a small vacuum handheld, which is excellent.

Also, following on to the Abranet theme, Wayne de Wet then very kindly sent me a small foam velcro sanding block with Abranet sheets, Abralon disks and also an Abranet detail sheet… all brilliant!

Highly, highly recommended…

I totally agree about Abranet being the way forward. Since I bought my first sheets to use with my Handipad, about 18 months ago, I haven’t used any other abrasive, not one. I use it for machine sanding on my Ceros, and with other power sanders, and I use it for hand sanding too as it clogs less than anything else.

I Bought the Festool Dts sander and midi extractor a while back and am getting on great with it…also bought some mirka hand sanders and abranet strips and can see why you guys rave about the abranet…i am about to buy the Ceros but wanted some advice, it comes in a choice of 5 mm rotation or 8mm…could anyone give a bit of knowledge on that please?

Just an update on my sander experience, after using the festool for a few months I bought a mirka ceros hoping to use the bigger disk on ceilings and walls. I have to say I felt a bit disappointed by it I really wanted to like it; It looks and feels so good and the abranet is superior. However its performance was a poor second to the festool and I sold it on to my friend a female decorator who preferred the lighter weight for holding above for ceilings.

Can you just clarify the abranet is superior. However performance was a poor second

Does the DTS seem more aggressive?

Hi Andy
Yeah I had been using the festool dts on cielings and walls and was happy with the results it gave. But thought the mirka would get through the job quicker.its grab feels lighter and yeah the dts gets through the work just feels more robust and as you say more aggressive. I am using the mirka handy sanderand lkve it and the abrasive seems to go on a lot longer. I also bought a roll of abranet and use smal bits for mouldings etc. Really impressive.

Hi folks mirka dont do 40 abranet whats there

best 40g I’ve used is Festool Granat (blue paper) - seriously aggressive and effective


Will that be ok for ceros?

can it be used for stripping emulsion of walls?

This is my first post here and as a result of reading the advice I set about our newly refurbished bathroom painting with enthusiasm using the new techniques and materials, one of which was a hand held Mirka sander/extractor and Abranet. It was a revelation especially patching up the less than perfect plastering.
On the strength of this and knowing that eventually I will have to do the hall, stairs and landing where the plasterwork is still uneven with remnants of Lincrusta scars, patchy distemper and my own rippled plastering (steamed the paper off the wall in the Christmas holidays the loose plaster came away and so I had to repair it in the poor light of December) I decided to dig deep and buy a Mirka Deros sander as it would be cheaper than a plasterer.
I haven’t got around to this job yet although the clerk of works has mentioned it. I am currently using the Deros with 80 grit Abranet to remove the Liberon decking oil so that I can apply Owatrol Textrol. The only problem that I find is that Velcro fabric on the pads is far less durable than the abrasive itself and the pads fly off into the garden. When I did eventually find them I can still use them by hand.
Why didn’t I use Owatrol Prepdeck to strip off the Liberon? I did but it wasn’t entirely effective so now I’m scraping and sanding all the deck, hand rails, support struts and even the grooves in the boards - it’s a good job I’m retired!
The one thing I couldn’t get the hang of though in the bathroom is water based paints (Classidur & Zoffany) so I reverted to Crown Oil Based Eggshell. That may be subject for a future post.


Thanks for your post @Tykebike , good info in there. You are well tooled up!

Does only Abranet 80 fly off, or are all grades prone to go absent?

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I dont know if Festool abrasives work on Ceros as I use Festool sanders.

re 40g its seriously aggressive, and will rip through multi layers of paint where needed. But its rare for me to use 40g.

I’ve never stripped emulsion from a wall (other than usual prep or knocking back the sheen from previous coatings using 120)
To use 40g on plaster would rip the plaster to shreds - deep gouging.

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Hello Andy, I’ve only been using the 80 grit so as not to get the surface too smooth. I think that part of the problem is that decking boards are not flat (cupping and twisting) so it presents and edge if you go across the boards instead of along the length- well that’s my theory anyway!
As regards being well tooled up I’ve got a cellar full of hand tools that belonged to my dad and now I’m using one of his old scratch blocks with an hacksaw blade ground to the groove profile and it’s very effective.

Hi folks mirka have sent me a few samples of mirka ace,HD has anyone else used this?