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Mirka Mirlon - the alternative to sponge sanding pads

Continuing the discussion from Painting tips!:

What products are you thinking of Dazco? There are sponge sanding pads and there are sponge sanding pads!

I mainly use the ones in the Johnstones centre coarse, medium and fine grits. I dunk them in water to stop them clogging :slight_smile:

Do they hold together OK, or after a while are you abrading your hands on the little black bits coming off ?

They do shed the black bits the bucket of water is full of them but they last pretty well to the point of the coarse grit being usable after as a medium/fine grit before they start to tear

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One draw back is that when used wet they can leave black bits on the work your sanding as they start to wear down but they are easily removed with a tack cloth :slight_smile:

Check out this article and half way down there is info from @jason and @MartinGuest on Mirka Mirlon - a very robust and flexible sanding material that can be used wet or dry.

Mirlon is a flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding material that provides an excellent surface finish.
Due to its special structure, Mirlon is easy to use on profiled surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer.