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Mist coating

Hi folks what’s your thoughts on mist coating?would you prefer to use gardz or something else rather than emulsion? What i like about gardz its like water so could soak in, far better than emulsion?Plaster is smooth,thats why i think whatever you use,it has to soak into the plaster,and have good,adhesion,like gardz,or zinerser bin.I would like to see a few tests done on new plaster,how well doses a good quality emulsion stick to new plaster once thinned down?A tape test would give us a good idear,how clean the emulsion leaves the surface when pulled of with tape.Then test gardz and bin,see how well they absorb into surface and adhesion.

optiva primer for new plaster, thinned adhesion primers ,acrylic primers for bath and shower rooms,the list goes on the right primer for the right surface . emulsion as a primer not unless you saturate the molecule enough for it to grab hold of the plaster . contract is a thing of the past as a cheap option to let you see how much work your plaster needs .

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Thanks teho,one thing i have seen more of, is paint coming away from ceilings in bathrooms showers,wheither its poor product selection, or no mist coat, or poor ventilation. For topcoats in bathrooms or above showers, what would be the paint of your choice?i myself think perm white or little green intelligent?

ime using acrylic primer sealer diluted about 60 \40 then a full undiluted coat in shower rooms , pool rooms ect then a suitable paint on top , never had any come backs in 30 years .

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That sounds a good system, so optiva primer, what top coat, for showers pools? What in your oppion are the best fillers, in areas like bathrooms that get steamed up?Thanks