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Mobile platform

This I believe is one piece of kit that most decorators don’t have, but if they did, they would notice an immediate rise in productivity.

The main and least obvious advantage of this platform is how very energy efficient it is, compared to steps! Placed strategically you can reach 10 feet. Over the course of a day that adds up to a lot of trips up and down ladders saved, and that does impact on how well you work.

On exteriors, you can place it in a flowerbed and easily reach ground floor windows without upsetting the gardener of the house.

And you can load it up with bits of kit and push it around with you. It is very well designed and ordinarily doesnt need dismantling to move from room to room.

This is a full run down of what my work colleagues referred to as the “wheelchair” or mobile platform

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Good to see a mobile platform in action - Scot Hindley our TP decorating associate in Cheshire has his blue beast looking nice and new for now.