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Moisture resistant mdf (green mdf)

How do I prepare and and paint green mdf?
I have a raw green mdf for a kitchen cabinet, I have just used mdf primer/undercoat than painted it with acrylic paint. The green mdf still looks fluffy, I read some where that I should have sealed the mdf first with either sanding sealer or lacquer… please help my kitchen looks rough and the cabinet doors feels very dry… it’s hand painted kitchen.

Bullseye 123 would be my choice.

I am guessing the surface fluffed up at the first coat? That was the time to sand it back smooth. What was the “MDF primer”?


Yes it fluffed up… I have sanded it few times using both 180 and 400 to smoothen it out… but no joy.
I used regular mdf let land primer.

I sanded in between coats as well but it still looks like green mdf fluffy…

Benjamin Moore Sure seal primer first