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My chalk paint kitchen after photos

thanks to this site for all the info required i have now completed the kitchen in old ochre chalk paint with 3 coats of wax.
The process was done the TP way, (i think)

krudcutter orginal for a complete clean of carcass and doors
i then sanded the doors to give a key followed by wiping down with tack cloths, (although i know annie sloan says you dont have to) Masked all areas of kitchen and used 1200 grade lining paper for floors and worktop areas.
1st coat, i used a wooster pro-foam, tipped off with a corona cody 2" brush
2nd coat, i used a wooster red feather tipped off with a wooster FTP 2" ( this was the first time i used both brushes and naps, i found them both excellent.
then wax time, i used a microfiber applicator pad and lots of rags.

i still have to paint walls and ceiling, will be using colortrend.
thanks TP

Fair play. Thanks for sharing. You got through quite a bit of work there, but its a “new” kitchen.

Like Annie says, the chalk paint will adhere without sanding. It looks like you got it pro painter smooth! and left the clear lacquer intact when sanding, great job.

Out of interest, what was the microfibre applicator?

When it comes to painting, ColorTrend paints impressed our man in Ireland, Adam Bermingham - acrylic, and excellent coverage, which will top it all off nicely.

many thanks Andy,

i used Meguiar’s “even coat applicator pads”

have to say, this site has been my saviour and i am now addicted.

Top work! It looks fantastic, time well spent. It’s really good to see the TP approach being used and used so well. Bet you’re looking round the house to see what else you can paint now :slight_smile: