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My rights if things go wrong

Can someone give me an idea of where I stand if i do a job with paint that proves to be defective, sorry to ask but I’ve never been in this situation before.
Pretty fed up right now…

Usually suppliers say they are only liable for the cost of the materials used. However Dulux made out some pretty big payments following issues with yellowing white paint. That was a proven issue and they had lots of bad press to force them to address a product failure.

You have to prove you used it correctly per the spec. Also prove that the problem wasn’t apparent till you reached the point you did. ie if the paint seemed dodgy from the start, you would be on dodgy ground if you used it all up and then claimed foul paint.

You have every right to be fed up and trying to get any satisfaction is not going to be easy for you unless you have a very good trade account and the supplier decides to keep you sweet.

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Thanks Andy,
The company involved said they "take these things very seriously " im not convinced that i will come out of this very well despite that.
I remember the Dulux incident, very lucky to have avoided that one.
I feel a social media rant brewing

I’m currently pursuing a claim against Dulux for 5 tins of Flat Matt failure (mud cracking/crocodile) throughout every wall :of 6 x rooms, ceiling to skirt/wall to wall. Festool dust extract prep, team of four applying, wooster 14" and purdy white dove rollers, perfect temperature for drying etc

I’ll let you know how i get on!

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Six rooms? That’s a fair amount of labour wasted too. Hope you get a good result