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My sander purchase(s) - Festool DX93E?

Good morning.
I will be on my way to the tool shop shortly to get myself a new sander. I have been reading your posts and have decided (I think) to go for the RTS400 first to finish my current job and then get a DEROS for my next one. Got a question though; I have to do a set of stairs next week with lots of pin/nail holes and awkward angled areas to get to and wondered if anyone has used the Festool DX93E. From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like it would get between the spindles.

I’ve PM’ed my contacts; please feel free to call if you want to talk through stuff!

Happy to help…



Great to have a natter earlier this evening Lee - keep up your good work; you’ve now got my phone number, give me a shout!

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Likewise Martin. I will do that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, talk to you soon.
Thanks for the advice.